Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology [Eawag]

Collaboration between eawag and Amirkabir University of Technology

Project title

Modeling drought vulnerability assessment at country and watershed Levels


The following objectives were tackled during the 4-months EPP stay as a visiting scholar in Eawag:

  • Assessing the influence of input data on automatic calibration of distributed hydrologic models
  • Building up country level (Iran) SWAT model, recognizing drought affected regions on watershed and country levels based on thresholds defined for precipitation, Temperature and Soil moisture variables
  • Modeling future scenarios of drought situations based on available GCM data

Host Research Center

  • Prof. Hong Yang (eawag)
  • Prof. Karim Abbaspour (eawag)

Funded by

Eawag under Partnership Programme for Developing Countries (EPP)

Bahareh Kamali
Scientist and lecturer