Quantification and modelling the interactions between water and carbon dynamics at agricultural used wetlands

About Valeh

Valeh will be a PhD Student at university of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, and Leibniz center for agricultural landscape research (ZALF). Valeh has graduated from the University of Kurdistan, Iran in Civil Engineering-Water Resources Management-MSc level in December2018. Her master dissertation entitled “Assessment of Local Scour Hole Dimension around Bridge Piers with Complex Geometry”.

Contact: vkld1994@gmail.com

About the project

The goal of her PhD project is to connect hydraulic and hydrochemical modeling results in the saturated and unsaturated zones of a shallow groundwater grassland site of WP1 with a modelling approach that represents regional biochemical turn-over processes of organic matter in soil (SOM), the resulting gaseous emissions, and the water utilization and ET of managed grass land. For this purpose, this project links the agro-ecosystem simulation model MONICA with a geochemical/hydrological modelling system, which consists of PHREEQC (as a hydrochemical model to calculate a wide variety of aqueous geochemical processes), HYDRUS (as a one dimensional numerical model simulating water flow, solute and heat transport in variably saturated soils and groundwater) and HP1 (as a dynamic interface linking between PHREEQC and HYDRUS). The directly measured data as well as the variables estimated using empirical methods (e.g. Reco, GPP) will also be used for model verification and understanding the complex processes governing the system. Possible reasons for mismatch between observed and MONICA simulated variables will be explored. Eventually, the necessary processes will be integrated for model enhancement.

Location of education

University of Potsdam and ZALF


From july 2020 to July 2023


  • Primary professor: Prof. Claas Nendel (University of Potsdam and ZALF)
  • First supervisor: Dr. Bahareh Kamali (ZALF)


  • Funded by: ZALF Integrated Priority Project(IPP)-2019
  • Total grant: Euro € 499.163
  • Grant assigned to the PhD student: Euro € 129,137
Bahareh Kamali
Scientist and lecturer