Determining the contribution of climate change and direct human impact on water resources on simineh roud and zarineh roud rivers basin

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About the project

In this project, a hydrological model will be built to simulate the naturalized situation of the system based on meteorological data as input. The mode is calibrated based on hydrological data of the undisturbed period. The naturalized time series of discharge during period with human effects and periods without human effects are compared. The simulated times series of hydrograph is representative of drought events, whereas anomaly analysis on observed time series gives the combined effect of drought and water scarcity which might not be captured by the model. By comparing these events, the relative contribution of human and natural effects on anomalies can be visualized and quantified.


University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran

Period of collaboration

From Dec 2019 to Dec 2020


  • Primary professor: Prof. Jamil Bahrami (Kurdistan university)
  • First supervisor: Dr. Ata aminin (Kurdistan university)
  • Second supervisor: Dr. Bahareh Kamali (ZALF)

Funded by

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran

Bahareh Kamali
Scientist and lecturer